US Open 2019, Photographer: Kevin Savory

IRT 2008 Mexico Open

Tournament Winner: Carson, Rocky

Full Results • 4/6/2008 • Tijuana, BC, MEX • (results source:

IRT 2007-8

Round Winner Country Winner Loser Country Loser Score
32 USA Herrera, Anthony Mexico Munoz, Felipe (7),5,(11),5,8
32 USA Orr, Mike USA Woodbury, Travis 5,7,4
32 Mexico Mejia, Gilberto USA Filippini, Rafael 2,4,7
32 Colombia Herrera, Juan Estrella, Jaime 4,9,5
32 Colombia Herrera, Andres USA Pineda, Brian 5,6,7
16 USA Williams, Mitch USA Hawthorne, Andy 3,1,2
16 USA Vanderson, Shane Colombia Herrera, Juan (7),7,5,inj def
16 USA Crowther, Chris USA Thoerner, Jason 1,(8),3,(11),0
16 USA Huczek, Jack Mexico Mejia, Gilberto 7,7,5
16 Mexico Beltran, Alvaro Colombia Herrera, Andres 1,3,(9),4
16 USA Mannino, Jason USA Orr, Mike 8,2,8
16 USA Croft, Ben Mexico Moreno, Javier 9,9,9
16 USA Carson, Rocky USA Herrera, Anthony 1,8,1
Q USA Huczek, Jack USA Crowther, Chris 3,10,8
Q Mexico Beltran, Alvaro USA Vanderson, Shane 3,10,(3),(7),3
Q USA Carson, Rocky USA Croft, Ben 6,5,0
Q USA Mannino, Jason USA Williams, Mitch 5,6,(7),5
S USA Huczek, Jack Mexico Beltran, Alvaro (10),9,(8),4,8
S USA Carson, Rocky USA Mannino, Jason 3,7,1
F USA Carson, Rocky USA Huczek, Jack 2,5,8

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