Number of distinct winners in Pro Tour history: 40

Note: there are several notes to keep in mind while looking at these IRT tourney win counts:

  • In the late 70s/early 80s there were MANY "unsanctioned" tourneys won by players of the era (Hogan mostly) that were not officially recorded into the NRC match database. We have no way of capturing these results.
  • One of Monchik's more dominant seasons still has missing results in the database. We're working to rectify the situation.
  • Much was made of Kane's 71'st victory, which put him over top of Swain for career wins. However, Swain is missing a number of wins in the database from seasons in the early to mid 90s and has more than 70 tourney wins. We have no way of knowing exactly how many more ... but it may be moot because Kane now has more than 100 career wins, well above where Hogan/Swain may have ever achieved.
  • One of Beltran's wins occurred during the 2002-3 season in an event in McLean, VA that awarded all qualifiers equal rankings points on account of poor court conditions. The players continued to compete for additional prize money but curtailed their competitiveness to avoid injury.
  • The '?' winner is a placeholder for the final of the 2005 New Orleans tourney, cancelled by Hurricane Katrina. It won't ever be replayed. This result is NOT included in the total number of distinct winners above. The IRT has never returned to New Orleans since Hurricane Katrina.De La Rosa is the 35th distinct player to win an event with his Dec 2014 tourney win in New Jersey, Charlie Pratt is the 36th ever winner by virtue of his Dec 2017 Portland win, Alejandro Landa is the 37th ever distinct winner with his Sioux Falls 2018 win, Sebastian Franco 38th with his San Antonio 2018 win, and Andree Parrilla the 39th distinct winner with his March 2018 Lombard win.

    Most Tourney Wins by Player

    Player Number of Wins
    Waselenchuk, Kane 116
    Swain, Cliff 71
    Hogan, Marty 60
    Monchik, Sudsy 43
    Huczek, Jack 29
    Carson, Rocky 26
    Mannino, Jason 22
    Yellen, Mike 18
    Roberts, Andy 17
    Brumfield, Charlie 16
    Harnett, Brett 16
    Peck, Dave 11
    Ellis, John 8
    Ray, Mike 7
    Gonzalez, Ruben 6
    Kachtik, Drew 6
    Hilecher, Jerry 6
    Doyle, Tim 5
    Serot, Steve 4
    Peck, Gregg 4
    Keeley, Steve 4
    Strandemo, Steve 3
    Andrews, Ed 3
    Beltran, Alvaro 3
    Landa, Alejandro 3
    De La Rosa, Daniel 3
    Bledsoe, Davey 2
    Newman, Jack 2
    Obremski, Dan 2
    Rojas, Jose 2
    Inoue, Egan 2
    ? 1
    Sweeney, Tim 1
    Parrilla, Andree 1
    Croft, Ben 1
    Pratt, Charlie 1
    Moscoso, Conrrado 1
    Wagner, Rich 1
    Guidry, Mike 1
    Hawkes, Brian 1
    Franco, Sebastian 1

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