US Open 2019, Photographer: Kevin Savory


Tournament Winner: Carson, Rocky

Full Results • 3/30/2003 • Greensboro, NC • (results source: IRT Web Page)

IRT 2002-3

Round Winner Country Winner Loser Country Loser Score
32 USA Walters, Brent Williams, Eric 11,3,(9),3
32 USA Williams, Mitch Adams, Mike 0,5,7
32 USA Walters, Jordan USA Alberty, Eddie (11),12,7,(3),4
32 USA Tucker, Josh Cook, Rob 8,2,5
16 USA Guidry, Mike USA Irvine, Nick 0,0,1
16 USA Mannino, Jason USA Walters, Jordan 5,4,1
16 Canada Green, Mike USA Dennison, Mike 4,7,5
16 USA Thoerner, Jason USA Robinson, Derek 8,4,3
16 USA Carson, Rocky USA Llacera, Dan 0,5,3
16 USA Swain, Cliff USA Williams, Mitch (4),10,6,4
16 USA Tucker, Josh USA Ellis, John 8,4,9
16 USA Huczek, Jack USA Walters, Brent 2,1,5
Q USA Mannino, Jason USA Thoerner, Jason (1),0,5,7
Q USA Huczek, Jack USA Guidry, Mike (7),1,6,3
Q Canada Green, Mike USA Tucker, Josh 8,3,8
Q USA Carson, Rocky USA Swain, Cliff 6,7,8
S USA Carson, Rocky Canada Green, Mike 7,3,(8),3
S USA Mannino, Jason USA Huczek, Jack (3),8,6,9
F USA Carson, Rocky USA Mannino, Jason 11,9,3

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