US Open 2019, Photographer: Kevin Savory

IRT 16th Coors Light Pro-Am

Tournament Winner: Swain, Cliff

Full Results • 9/7/1998 • Stockton, CA • (results source: Racquetball Magazine Nov/Dec 98 v9n6)

IRT 1998-9

Round Winner Country Winner Loser Country Loser Score
32 USA Mulcock, James Canada Kerr, Kelly
32 USA Paraiso, Joey USA Eagle, Doug
32 USA Carson, Rocky USA Jelso, Tony
16 USA Doyle, Tim USA Guidry, Mike
16 USA Monchik, Sudsy USA Mulcock, James
16 USA Swain, Cliff USA Schenck, Darrin
16 USA Roberts, Andy USA Carson, Rocky
16 USA Mannino, Jason USA Vogel, Louis
Q USA Ellis, John USA Robinson, Derek
Q USA Monchik, Sudsy USA Mannino, Jason
Q USA Swain, Cliff USA Karp, Adam
Q USA Roberts, Andy USA Doyle, Tim
S USA Monchik, Sudsy USA Ellis, John
S USA Swain, Cliff USA Roberts, Andy
F USA Swain, Cliff USA Monchik, Sudsy 9,(5),7,2

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