US Open 2019, Photographer: Kevin Savory

IRT South of the border

Tournament Winner: Swain, Cliff

Full Results • 8/29/1993 • San Luis Potosi, SL, MEX • (results source: Racquetball Magazine Nov/Dec 93 v4n6)

IRT 1993-4

Round Winner Country Winner Loser Country Loser Score
16 USA Kachtik, Drew Garcia, G 5,0,0
16 USA Swain, Cliff Martinez, J 5,5,2
16 USA Engel, Mike Alvarez, A 4,1,8
16 USA ONeil, Todd Bremer, F. 3,2,1
16 USA Doyle, Tim Larn, P. 5,(10),6,6
16 USA Gonzalez, Ruben Vasilakos, F. 6,3,2
16 USA Ray, Mike Martinez, R 3,1,1
16 USA Ellis, John Vasilakos, P. 2,7,7
Q USA Kachtik, Drew USA Gonzalez, Ruben 8,7,5
Q USA ONeil, Todd USA Ray, Mike 8,4,2
Q USA Swain, Cliff USA Engel, Mike 5,5,2
Q USA Ellis, John USA Doyle, Tim 1,6,(0),5
S USA Swain, Cliff USA Kachtik, Drew 2,(9),5,(5),7
S USA Ellis, John USA ONeil, Todd 9,(2),(5),10,10
F USA Swain, Cliff USA Ellis, John (12),8,5,6

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