Quarters/Semis/Finals for season 2018-19

Data on screen printed 03/29/2023. Latest tourney in DB is as of 03/19/2023.

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Season Date City Event Final Semis Quarters
2018-19 9/16/2018 Laurel, MD 2018 MWRA Season Opener IRT Pro/Am R.Carson d S.Murray 7,12S.Franco, LandaA.Parrilla, A.Manilla, Carter, Allen
2018-19 10/7/2018 Minneapolis, MN 2018 23rd UnitedHealthcare US Open Waselenchuk d D.De La Rosa 11,6R.Carson, A.ParrillaMercado, Diaz, S.Franco, Landa
2018-19 12/2/2018 Portland, OR 2018 IRT Pelham Memorial Tournament of Champions Waselenchuk d Beltran 6,12Pratt, R.CarsonLanda, Horn, D.De La Rosa, S.Murray
2018-19 1/6/2019 Canoga Park, CA 2019 IRT California Open Waselenchuk d D.De La Rosa 8,10Landa, R.CarsonPortillo, A.Parrilla, Diaz, Beltran
2018-19 1/20/2019 Sioux Falls, SD 2019 41st Annual Lewis Drug IRT Pro-Am Waselenchuk d D.De La Rosa 4,2Montoya, R.CarsonBeltran, S.Murray, A.Parrilla, Diaz
2018-19 3/17/2019 Lombard, IL 2019 34th Annual Shamrock Shootout Waselenchuk d R.Carson 10,10A.Parrilla, MontoyaS.Franco, Landa, Beltran, S.Murray
2018-19 3/31/2019 Cochabamba, BOL 2019 Open Bolivia American Iris Moscoso d R.Carson (6),14,2Mercado, BeltranC.Keller, A.Parrilla, G.Franco, Landa
2018-19 4/28/2019 Sarasota, FL 2019 Florida IRT Pro-Am Landa d Beltran 13,12A.Parrilla, R.CarsonWaselenchuk, Horn, S.Franco, D.De La Rosa
2018-19 5/5/2019 Syosset, NY 2019 Syosset Open Waselenchuk d R.Carson 3,4A.Parrilla, LandaMar, J.Bredenbeck, Beltran, S.Murray

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