2019 USAR Junior Nationals. Photographer: Kevin Savory

JUNIOR 2019 Junior World Championships - Girls 14U

Tournament Winner: Mahoney, Heather

Full Results Report: • 11/17/2019 • San Jose, CRC • (results source: www.internationalracquetball.com)

Tourney Preview: http://blog.proracquetballstats.com/index.php/2019/11/13/junior-worlds-rr-review-knockout-preview/

Tourney Wrap-Up: http://blog.proracquetballstats.com/index.php/2019/11/18/junior-worlds-2019-singles-wrap-up/


Round Winner Country Winner Loser Country Loser Score
RR Mexico Ortega, Angela Veronica Ainsworth, Sarah 2,4
RR Coleman, Thea Nieto, Giselle (12),9,6
RR Mita, Natalia Mexico Ortega, Angela Veronica 14,(10),10
RR Mansilla, Paula Ainsworth, Sarah 8,12
RR USA Mahoney, Heather Canada Wilscam, Ofelia 3,2
RR Bolivia Rivero, Camila Coleman, Thea 5,3
RR Aguilar, Jazmin Brenes, Kenia 6,2
RR USA Kaiser, Ava Canada Wilscam, Tamara 6,4
RR Mexico Ortega, Angela Veronica Mansilla, Paula 5,3
RR Canada Wilscam, Tamara Brenes, Kenia 6,13
RR Nieto, Giselle Gomez, Jimena 14,12
RR USA Kaiser, Ava Brenes, Kenia 3,5
RR Bolivia Rivero, Camila Nieto, Giselle 3,3
RR Mita, Natalia Mansilla, Paula 8,7
RR Aguilar, Anna Canada Wilscam, Ofelia 1,9
RR USA Mahoney, Heather Villacreses, Angela 7,3
RR Gomez, Jimena Coleman, Thea (14),13,8
RR Aguilar, Jazmin Canada Wilscam, Tamara 5,2
RR Aguilar, Anna Villacreses, Angela 2,0
RR USA Kaiser, Ava Aguilar, Jazmin 14,5
RR Bolivia Rivero, Camila Gomez, Jimena 1,1
RR Mita, Natalia Ainsworth, Sarah 6,1
RR Villacreses, Angela Canada Wilscam, Ofelia (8),5,7
RR USA Mahoney, Heather Aguilar, Anna 10,9
16 Aguilar, Anna Canada Wilscam, Tamara 6,1
16 Aguilar, Jazmin Mansilla, Paula 6,13
16 USA Mahoney, Heather Gomez, Jimena 4,3
16 Nieto, Giselle Villacreses, Angela (12),11,2
16 Bolivia Rivero, Camila Ainsworth, Sarah 0,0
16 Mexico Ortega, Angela Veronica Coleman, Thea 6,2
16 Mita, Natalia Brenes, Kenia 4,5
16 USA Kaiser, Ava Canada Wilscam, Ofelia 5,7
Q Bolivia Rivero, Camila Nieto, Giselle 5,1
Q Mexico Ortega, Angela Veronica Mita, Natalia 8,(8),10
Q USA Kaiser, Ava Aguilar, Jazmin 6,7
Q USA Mahoney, Heather Aguilar, Anna 3,7
S Mexico Ortega, Angela Veronica USA Kaiser, Ava 12,14
S USA Mahoney, Heather Bolivia Rivero, Camila 9,(6),9
F USA Mahoney, Heather Mexico Ortega, Angela Veronica 10,10

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