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LPRT 1975 NRC DP/Leach Nationals

Tournament Winner: Steding, Peggy

Full Results • 4/1/1975 • Las Vegas, NV • (results source: NR v3n2 July 1975)

LPRT 1974-75

Round Winner Country Winner Loser Country Loser Score
16 Canada Gorski, Ann Franks, Bev (17),16,15
16 USA Pasternak, Jan ?
16 USA Harding, Jennifer Johnson, Betty 8,5
16 USA Steding, Peggy ?
16 USA Carow, Sue ?
16 USA Marriott, Janell ?
16 USA Sauser, Jean USA Weed, Betty 17,13
16 USA Williams, Kathy ?
Q USA Steding, Peggy Canada Gorski, Ann 7,11
Q USA Williams, Kathy USA Sauser, Jean (18),10,20
Q USA Harding, Jennifer USA Carow, Sue 16,12
Q USA Pasternak, Jan USA Marriott, Janell 16,(16),18
S USA Pasternak, Jan USA Williams, Kathy 8,(20),12
S USA Steding, Peggy USA Harding, Jennifer 1,7
F USA Steding, Peggy USA Pasternak, Jan 9,20

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