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LPRT San Francisco 91

Tournament Winner: Gould (Gilman), Michelle

Full Results • 5/1/1991 • San Francisco, CA • (results source: Evan Pritchard Research & Data entry)

LPRT 1990-91

Round Winner Country Winner Loser Country Loser Score
16 USA Lynch, Marcy USA Dee-Jolly, Mary 10,4,(1),(5),10
16 USA Adams, Lynn USA OBrien, Molly 7,0,5
16 USA McKinney, Caryn USA Kelly (Fischl), Dottie (8),8,6,(9),1
16 USA Bevelock, Toni Risch, Jennifer (JJ) 6,5,1
16 USA Gould (Gilman), Michelle USA Marriott, Janell 2,4,1
16 USA Bailey (Kamahoahoa), Malia USA Levine, Robin 9,3,7
16 USA Paraiso-Larsson, Jackie USA Evon, Chris 1,3,7
16 USA Drexler, Marci USA Robson, Sandy 5,5,7
Q USA Gould (Gilman), Michelle USA Drexler, Marci (10),3,(9),1,9
Q USA McKinney, Caryn USA Paraiso-Larsson, Jackie 3,(4),(3),5,3
Q USA Adams, Lynn USA Bevelock, Toni 9,(5),(7),5,1
Q USA Bailey (Kamahoahoa), Malia USA Lynch, Marcy 9,3,7
S USA Gould (Gilman), Michelle USA Bailey (Kamahoahoa), Malia 1,2,2
S USA Adams, Lynn USA McKinney, Caryn 5,9,4
F USA Gould (Gilman), Michelle USA Adams, Lynn (8),8,3,0

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