Quarters/Semis/Finals for season 1975-76

Data on screen printed 01/19/2022. Latest tourney in DB is as of 12/12/2021.

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Season Date City Event Final Semis Quarters
1975-76 9/1/1975 Denver, CO Denver 75 Wright d Marriott 12,(6),11Steding, CampbellKnudsen, Carow, Williams, B.Johnson
1975-76 12/15/1975 Tucson, AZ Tucson 75 Steding d Campbell 15,9Marriott, WilliamsNoguchi, Carow, Knudsen, Sauser
1975-76 12/21/1975 Memphis, TN 2nd Annual Tanner Pro-Am 75 Steding d Wright (19),5,5Marriott, CarowMcKie, M.McDonald (Byrd), Pasternak, Kessinger
1975-76 1/1/1976 Aurora, IL Aurora 76 Williams d Campbell 18,7Pasternak, CarowTennesson, Sauser, Stoffregen, McCarthy
1975-76 2/15/1976 San Antonio, TX San Antonio Pro-Am 76 Steding d Wright 5,6Campbell, HardingSegall, Pasternak, McKie, Greer
1975-76 5/1/1976 Peoria, IL Peoria 76 Steding d Wright 10,10Marriott, SauserPasternak, Williams, Carow, Campbell
1975-76 6/1/1976 San Diego, CA NRC DP/Leach Nationals 76 Steding d Wright 19,(18),5Marriott, SauserHarding, Williams, McCarthy, Carow
1975-76 6/15/1976 Chattanooga, TN IRA Nationals 76 Wright d Steding 13,11Marriott, WilliamsCarow, ?, ?, ?

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