Quarters/Semis/Finals for season 1983-84

Data on screen printed 01/19/2022. Latest tourney in DB is as of 12/12/2021.

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Season Date City Event Final Semis Quarters
1983-84 9/1/1983 Atlanta, GA Atlanta 83 Adams d McKay 17,(19),17,18Gilreath, WrightMartino, Marriott, Greer, Panzeri
1983-84 9/15/1983 Toronto, AB, CAN Toronto 83 McKay d Adams Martino, Maltby
1983-84 9/30/1983 Vancouver, BC, CAN Vancouver 83 McKay d Adams Wright, Gilreath
1983-84 10/20/1983 Auburn, MA Auburn 83 McKay d Adams 12,17,(21),(22),13Jackson, PanzeriFletcher, Harding, Greer, Hoff-Scott
1983-84 11/1/1983 Seattle, WA Seattle 83 Adams d McKay ?, ??, ?, ?, ?
1983-84 12/9/1983 Plymouth, MA Plymouth 83 Adams d McKinney (16),13,6,18Marriott, BarrettGardner, Martino, Harding, Fletcher
1983-84 3/8/1984 Bangor, ME Bangor 84 McKay d Adams (14),15,19,18Gilreath, F.DavisPanzeri, Jackson, Barrett, McKinney
1983-84 4/5/1984 Kent, WA Kent 84 Adams d McKay 20,20,17Marriott, WrightF.Davis, Stoll, McKinney, Gilreath
1983-84 5/6/1984 Las Vegas, NV Las Vegas 84 McKay d Adams (19),20,13,16Wright, PanzeriMcKinney, Gilreath, Gardner, Marriott
1983-84 5/18/1984 Costa Mesa, CA Ektelon Nationals 94 McKay d Adams (19),20,13,16Wright, PanzeriMcKinney, Gilreath, Gardner, Marriott
1983-84 6/1/1984 Fort Worth, TX Fort Worth 84 McKay d Adams 17,16,(18),(11),10F.Davis, WrightStupp, McKinney, Barrett, Jackson
1983-84 6/11/1984 Atlanta, GA DP/Leach Nationals 84 Adams d McKay 15,13,17Wright, DrexlerM.Bailey (Kamahoahoa), McKinney, OBrien, Harding

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