Quarters/Semis/Finals for season 1995-96

Data on screen printed 01/19/2022. Latest tourney in DB is as of 12/12/2021.

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Season Date City Event Final Semis Quarters
1995-96 10/15/1995 Los Angeles, CA 1995 Bala Pro-Am Gould (Gilman) d Paraiso-Larsson 1,3,3Gudinas, EvonBrown (Brockbank), Lynch, Lucas (Wiragh), Kilbane
1995-96 11/5/1995 Baltimore, MD 1995 All-Sport Championships Gould (Gilman) d Gudinas 4,0,6Kilbane, CoburnMachiran, A.Maldonado, Galloway, OBrien
1995-96 1/21/1996 Manchester, NH 1996 Parkland Medical Pro-Am Gould (Gilman) d Friedman 2,0,1Evon, A.MaldonadoMyers, Kilbane, Fowler, Machiran
1995-96 1/28/1996 Chalfont, PA 1996 Grand Slam Gould (Gilman) d Gudinas 2,(6),0,4Kovanda (Fenton), OBrienMachiran, Kilbane, Fowler, Lynch
1995-96 2/18/1996 Annapolis, MD 1996 Annapolis Open Gould (Gilman) d Gudinas 1,1,1Kilbane, OBrienGalloway, Lynch, A.Maldonado, Coburn
1995-96 3/24/1996 Syracuse, NY 1996 Spalding Pro-Am Gould (Gilman) d Paraiso-Larsson (6),5,1,8Kilbane, CoburnMachiran, Lynch, Lucas (Wiragh), OBrien
1995-96 4/28/1996 Las Vegas, NV 1996 Foxwoods WIRT Pro Nationals Gould (Gilman) d Gudinas 1,7,7Moreland, Paraiso-LarssonEvon, Lucas (Wiragh), Kilbane, Tisinger-Moore
1995-96 5/5/1996 Houston, TX 1996 Houston WIRT Pro-Am Gould (Gilman) d Gudinas 1,0,10OBrien, Kovanda (Fenton)Paraiso-Larsson, Allen, Kilbane, Moreland
1995-96 6/8/1996 Portland, OR 1996 Rad Athletics WIRT Tournament of Champions Gould (Gilman) d Gudinas 1,8,3Brown (Brockbank), Huczek (Van Hees)

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