Quarters/Semis/Finals for season 2008-09

Data on screen printed 01/19/2022. Latest tourney in DB is as of 12/12/2021.

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Season Date City Event Final Semis Quarters
2008-09 9/1/2008 Fayetteville, NC Fayetteville 08 Rajsich d Gudinas 7,8,4Grisar, Wachtel (Stoffregen)Kyzer, Fowler, Haynes (Fisher), Moore
2008-09 9/26/2008 Tijuana, BC, MEX Tijuana 08 Rajsich d P.Longoria Grisar, SalasFowler, Gudinas, Sotomayor, Bellows (Walsh)
2008-09 10/12/2008 Edmonton, AB, CAN 2008 Canadian Racquetball Classic P.Longoria d Rajsich 8,6,(2),2Bellows (Walsh), GudinasSotomayor, Grisar, Saunders, Wachtel (Stoffregen)
2008-09 10/26/2008 Memphis, TN 13th US Open Racquetball Championships 08 P.Longoria d Gudinas 8,(7),7,7Bellows (Walsh), KyzerRajsich, Haynes (Fisher), Huczek (Van Hees), Wachtel (Stoffregen)
2008-09 12/15/2008 Arlington, VA 2008 Christmas Classic Rajsich d P.Longoria (4),5,7,7Gudinas, Wachtel (Stoffregen)Sotomayor, Bellows (Walsh), Haynes (Fisher), Shattuck
2008-09 3/1/2009 Miami, FL 2009 Great Balls of Fire Pro-Am P.Longoria d Rajsich (7),5,(6),5,3Gudinas, GrandMaitreMoore, Haynes (Fisher), Saunders, Sotomayor
2008-09 3/20/2009 York, PA York 09 Rajsich d P.Longoria 2,6,(9),7Gudinas, Wachtel (Stoffregen)Haynes (Fisher), Bellows (Walsh), Sotomayor, Saunders
2008-09 3/29/2009 Gaithersburg, MD 2009 WPRO Terrapin Shootout Pro-AM P.Longoria d Rajsich (7),(8),9,9,8Gudinas, Wachtel (Stoffregen)Moore, Haynes (Fisher), Sotomayor, Shattuck
2008-09 4/26/2009 Stockton, CA Ektelon WPRO World Championships Bellows (Walsh) d P.Longoria 10,5,(7),(7),7Rajsich, GudinasGrisar, Wachtel (Stoffregen), Haynes (Fisher), Sotomayor

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