Quarters/Semis/Finals for season 2021-22

Data on screen printed 02/28/2024. Latest tourney in DB is as of 01/14/2024.

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Season Date City Event Final Semis Quarters
2021-22 8/15/2021 Denver, CO 2021 World Singles and Doubles Open Racquetball Championships Martinez d A.Herrera (12),9,4Mendez, VargasCentellas, Salas, Enriquez, Laime
2021-22 10/10/2021 Minneapolis, MN 2021 25th UnitedHealthcare US Open P.Longoria d Vargas 3,8E.Manilla, BarriosJ.Parrilla, Martinez, Rajsich, Laime
2021-22 11/14/2021 Tempe, AZ 2021 Arizona Open P.Longoria d Vargas 7,3Martinez, A.HerreraRajsich, Mendez, Barrios, J.Parrilla
2021-22 11/21/2021 Lombard, IL 2021 29th Annual Glass Court LPRT Turkey Shoot P.Longoria d A.Herrera (13),3,9Barrios, VargasRajsich, Mendez, C.Munoz, Laime
2021-22 12/12/2021 Millersville, MD 2021 29th Annual Christmas Classic P.Longoria d Vargas 13,5Mendez, A.HerreraC.Munoz, E.Manilla, J.Parrilla, K.Lawrence (Bailey)
2021-22 2/19/2022 Vero Beach, FL 2022 Vero Beach Open A.Herrera d P.Longoria 14,13E.Manilla, VargasLaime, K.Lawrence (Bailey), Mejia, Daza
2021-22 3/6/2022 Boston, MA 2022 Boston Open A.Herrera d P.Longoria 8,14Mendez, BarriosSalas, E.Manilla, Vargas, Mejia
2021-22 5/15/2022 Greenville, SC 2022 Sweet Caroline LPRT Grand Slam Pro-Am P.Longoria d A.Herrera 9,(13),7J.Parrilla, K.Lawrence (Bailey)Salas, Mendez, Vargas, C.Munoz
2021-22 6/12/2022 Overland Park, KS 2022 TeamRoot.com Super Max Slam P.Longoria d Mejia 14,10Salas, ScottE.Manilla, Martinez, C.Munoz, Rajsich

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