Triple Crown Report, Womens Doubles. This lists the winners of the 3 outdoor majors by season

Outdoor Nationals began in 1974 in Southern California. The Beach Bash in Hollywood, Florida commenced in 2004, then took two years off for reconstruction, but 2007 and 2008's results are unknown. 3WallBall in Las Vegas started in 2010. This report does not go all the way back to 1974, just focuses on the era with all three Outdoor 'Majors.'

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Season Beach Bash winner Outdoor Nats winner Vegas 3-wall winner Vegas 1-Wall winner
2023 Scott, Hollie/Lawrence (Bailey), Kelani Munoz, Carla/Tisinger-Ledkins, Janel Herrera, Alexandra/Mejia, Monserrat Munoz, Carla/Laime, Brenda
2022 Manilla, Erika/Neils, Katharine Munoz, Carla/Key, Michelle Key, Michelle/Tisinger-Ledkins, Janel Munoz, Carla/Key, Michelle
2021 No Event: Covid-19 Key, Michelle/Munoz, Carla Munoz, Carla/Key, Michelle Rodriguez, Victoria (USA)/Neils, Katharine
2020 No Event: Covid-19 No Event: Covid-19 Longoria, Paola/Tisinger-Ledkins, Janel Brewer, Amie/Gremley, Kelly
2019 Rajsich, Rhonda/Maldonado, Anita Key, Michelle/Munoz, Carla Key, Michelle/Munoz, Carla Maldonado, Anita/Stephen, Susan
2018 Scott, Hollie/Herbert, Michelle Key, Michelle/Munoz, Carla Rajsich, Rhonda/Herbert, Michelle No Division
2017 Maldonado, Anita/Suarez, Jasmine Paraiso-Larsson, Jackie/Paraiso-Mackenzie, Joy Tisinger-Ledkins, Janel/Roehler, Aimee No Division
2016 Tisinger-Ledkins, Janel/Roehler, Aimee Tisinger-Ledkins, Janel/Key, Michelle Tisinger-Ledkins, Janel/Roehler, Aimee Pafford, Celeste/Kaskawal, Kris
2015 Rajsich, Rhonda/Key, Michelle Tisinger-Ledkins, Janel/Key, Michelle Longoria, Paola/Key, Michelle No Division
2014 Rajsich, Rhonda/Key, Michelle Key, Michelle/Maddux (Key), Danielle Rajsich, Rhonda/Key, Michelle No Division
2013 Watson, Cynthia/Suarez, Jasmine Key, Michelle/Franks, Keely Paraiso-Larsson, Jackie/Parrilla, Jessica Maldonado, Anita/Suarez, Jasmine
2012 Guinan, Kathy/Suarez, Jasmine Tisinger-Ledkins, Janel/Roehler, Aimee Rajsich, Rhonda/Bellows (Walsh), Kristen Event not offered
2011 Sanchez, Maribel/Ramos, Maira Rajsich, Rhonda/McDonald (Byrd), Martha Tisinger-Ledkins, Janel/Roehler, Aimee Event not offered
2010 Guinan, Kathy/Candal, Millie Paraiso-Larsson, Jackie/Roehler, Aimee Longoria, Paola/Franks, Keely Event not offered
2009 No Division Rajsich, Rhonda/McDonald (Byrd), Martha Event not started Event not started
2008 unknown winners Bellows (Walsh), Kristen/Sotomayor, Veronica Event not started Event not started
2007 unknown winners Rajsich, Rhonda/McDonald (Byrd), Martha Event not started Event not started