Quarters/Semis/Finals for season 2015

Data on screen printed 08/05/2020. Latest tourney in DB is as of 01/20/2019.

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Season Date City Event Final Semis Quarters
2015 1/18/2015 Hermosillo, NM 2015 WRT Sonora Open J.Bredenbeck d Gutierrez 10,(2),2Horn, A.ParrillaC.Longoria, Mar, Martell, Cardona
2015 1/25/2015 San Diego, CA 2015 WRT San Diego Open Cardona d A.Herrera 8,0F.Munoz, GutierrezA.Parrilla, J.Alonso, Martell, S.Franco
2015 2/22/2015 Seattle, WA WRT 2015 Mt Rainier Open Gutierrez d Cardona 9,13Horn, J.BredenbeckAlmada, Birnel, S.Franco, A.Parrilla
2015 3/1/2015 Pleasanton, CA WRT 2015 Pleasanton Open Gutierrez d Cardona 8,8Horn, J.BredenbeckTroncoso, Mercado, Ugalde, Lavely
2015 5/3/2015 Minneapolis, MN WRT 2015 Midwest Championships J.Bredenbeck d Gutierrez 12,(9),6Swain, CardonaUgalde, Horn, Martell, Rios
2015 5/9/2015 Cali, COL WRT 2015 Cali Open Cardona d A.Parrilla 9,14G.Franco, J.BredenbeckGutierrez, Alvarez, Martell, Ugalde
2015 6/21/2015 Ciudad Juarez, CH MEX WRT 2015 Juarez Open Cup Landa d J.Bredenbeck 5,4S.Franco, BeltranGutierrez, Horn, Cardona, A.Parrilla
2015 8/16/2015 San Luis Potosi, SL, MEX 2015 WRT San Luis Open Horn d J.Bredenbeck 9,2A.Parrilla, CardonaC.Longoria, A.Herrera, D.Ortega, Montoya
2015 9/13/2015 Atlanta, GA 2015 Grace Warrior WRT Atlanta Open Cardona d J.Bredenbeck 6,12A.Parrilla, HornC.Longoria, A.Herrera, S.Franco, Martell
2015 9/20/2015 Sarasota, FL 2015 WRT Suncoast Open Cardona d Horn 12,3A.Parrilla, J.BredenbeckMartell, S.Franco, A.Herrera, C.Longoria
2015 11/1/2015 Modesto, CA 2015 WRT Modesto Open Cardona d J.Bredenbeck 2,10A.Parrilla, HornJ.Alonso, D.Rojas, Martell, Troncoso
2015 11/8/2015 San Diego, CA 2015 WRT San Diego Open #2 Cardona d J.Bredenbeck 13,13Martell, HornMiramontes, A.Herrera, F.Munoz, J.Alonso
2015 11/22/2015 Bremerton, WA 2015 WRT Kitsap Splat J.Bredenbeck d Cardona 14,11A.Parrilla, MartellF.Munoz, A.Herrera, Horn, S.Franco
2015 12/6/2015 Monterrey, NL, MEX 2015 WRT Monterrey Open A.Parrilla d Martell 11,7C.Longoria, MartinezMontoya, A.Herrera, Miramontes, J.Alonso
2015 12/13/2015 San Antonio, TX 2015 WRT Alamo City Open Landa d Martell 9,13Cardona, HornMiramontes, F.Munoz, A.Herrera, J.Bredenbeck

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