History of Scoring Rule Changes

Some of the dates for these changes are estimates; any exact dates would help.

  • Dec 2017: Announcement made on Facebook that the tour, effective immediately, is changing its scoring rules to match Amateur/International scoring rules (two games to 15, tiebreaker to 11, all games win by one). Official announcement from the tour on irt-tour.com is here.
  • Aug 1991: Win by 2 implemented in in all games, not just in 5th supertiebreaker.
  • Aug 1989: 5th game changed to be win by 2 (supertiebreaker rule).
  • Aug 1988: Some Finals were played USRA rules (2 games to 15, tiebreaker to 11, win by one) for TV length purposes. See Arlington 1988. This was a short lived change b/c the TV sponsorship and tour collapsed soon afterwards.
  • Fall 81 - 83: during transition from NRC to Catalina to RMA, some tourneys played by old or amateur rules but were coutned as pro events. See Winnipeg 1981 event, Fat City Open in Fall 83.
  • Oct 1981: scoring goes to 3/5 games to 11, win-by-one
  • Mid-season 1976 (believed): tiebreaker changes to be to 11, win by one on the NRC. IRA continued to use orig scoring until it ceased offering pro events in June 1977
  • Aug 73: Original Pro tour Scoring (on both NRC and IRA) was the best 2/3 games to 21, tiebreaker also to to 21, win by one.