Primary Sources for

Note: see also Initial site releases for some data on the early day sof this site.

Starting points for Historical research:

  • Jim Hiser's Racquetball Magazine Sept-Oct 1999 Draw of the Century article
  • Tom Slear's Racquetball Magazine Nov-Dec 2000 article about the year end Pro title run between Sudsy/Cliff and how they stand against Hogan/Yellen.
  • John Mooney "History of Racquetball" article in National Racquetball Dec 1988
  • July 1982 "USRA/NRC declares bankrupcy" feature (? author)
  • IRT History section of 1996-7 IRT Tour program
  • Tom Slear's RM article Sep/Oct 95 about the rise of the IRT from the 1988 debacle
  • Feature article, national Racquetball Apr 82 (v11n4) about the Catalina tour

    Also includes significant initial input from:

  • Drew Stoddard, who provided the player database and a beautiful writeup of the events during his time as commissioner and in the early 80s.
  • Davey Bledsoe; context of the 77 and 82 situations
  • Dave Peck: more context of 82 situation
  • Scott Hirsch (and indirectly through Scott, Marty Hogan and Cliff Swain)
  • Linda Mojer, who out of the goodness of her heart went through all the magazines from the mid-90s to compile the full tourney list and confirm the season ending standings.

    Still would like to talk with:

  • Jim Hiser for late 80s drama on tour
  • Hank Marcus for details of the mid-90s, for IRT creation, for possibly a match archive.
  • Doug Ganim to get complete US Open results for 1998 and 1999 (not sure he still has the data); Eventually got this from Jeff Oliver.
  • Drew Katchtik, who may have drawsheets for early 1990s events.
  • Ruben Gonzalez, who i know has a trove of information that may be helpful
  • Randy Stafford, curator of the Racquetball Museum, to see if there's any thing helpful there.
  • The national organizations to help fill in early Nationals/Juniors data.
  • IRF for early International results, if they exist.

    Match Database Sources

  • Drew Stoddard, who provided the skeletal match database for 1974-1988
  • The majority of the matches between 1988 and 2000 were entered manually thanks to Curt Rettke's magazine archive. Holes in the match data are only there initially because Curt didn't happen to have the magazine that covered it.
  • 2000-present: data pulled directly from the IRT website as it occurred. This allows even qualifier draws to be entered.
  • Brian Simpson, who provided copies of the drawsheets for three seasons; 95-96, 96-97 and 97-98.
  • Mid-2008: Marty Hogan and Scott Hirsch, who sent copies of many old magazines to help with non NRC/non-sanctioned events.
  • Oct 2008-Oct 2009: Evan Pritchard (author of The Racquetball Blog continually providing scans of magazines and other helpful info.
  • Oct 2008: Vince Santilli sent me the magazines from 1999 and 2000, which helped immensly with filling out the finals for the missing 5 tourneys and getting some detail for others.
  • Nov 2008: Marty Hogan filled in a TON of detail on older players, helping fill in actual names (since the original source xls just used first initial, last name). This included first and last names, home towns.
  • Oct 2009: an amazing resource that saves copies of websites from various times from 1996 to present. Was able to find many full 32 draws and other great detail from the past.
  • 2011: Otto Deitrich sends me his whole massive magazine archive, really completing the set and enabling the Ladies research
  • Late 2016:'s archive lets me fill in a ton of missing tournaments from the mid 2000s.
  • 2017: Evan Pritchard sends another dump of his data archives, which includes a TON of the ladies pro data.
  • 2017: Dr. Timothy Baghurst, who sends his database of IRF summary archives that I loaded in as is to build the IRF "tournament summary" database.
  • 2017: IRF website, which has a great archive of match results, which I've begun to use to create IRF match database history.
  • 2017: Jeff Oliver, who was able to send some early US Open draws to fill in some holes. Oliver also provided a ton of player profile data, filling in a lot of blank or missing birthdays.
  • 2017: Wayne Saucier; who helped bring this site into the 21st century in terms of