What happened to... all the IRT Greats after they retired? Conversations on the IRT forum in April, 2004 inspired this. Most of this is unofficial and subject to the memory of the Legends themselves... All information as of 2004 time frame unless noted otherwise.

I vastly updated this in May 2018 based on copious research on linkedin.com and other sources for the recently retired players. Always welcome more input.

(In rough order of their tour Careers and retirement) Early Players: 1970s

  • Bill Schultz
  • Bill Schmidtke
  • Dr. Bud Muehleisen:
  • Charlie Brumfeld
  • Steve Keeley: retired, prolifically writing books and self-publishing, some about racquetball
  • Steve Serot
  • Steve Strandemo
  • Charlie Garfinkel

    Golden Age Players: late 70s and early 80s

  • Marty Hogan: lives in St. Louis on his ranch, active in promoting and playing on the Legends tour, still playing Outdoor
  • Davey Bledsoe: living in Florida
  • Jerry Hilecher
  • Rich Wagner
  • Craig McCoy
  • Ben Koltun

    Mid 1980s

  • Gerry Price: living in California, works as a fireman
  • Scott Oliver, living in California, participates on Legends
  • Doug Cohen: living in St. Louis
  • Andy & David Gross: living in Hollywood, working on a sitcom pilot
  • Corey Brysman: Living in Southern Florida
  • David Fleetwood: works in Marketing, Lives in Memphis
  • Mike Yellen, working in Insurance, living in Michigan
  • Dave Peck: lives in Austin, works for Converse in sales, has a side business doing web hosting
  • Gregg Peck; also in Texas, works in sales for Nike
  • Jack Newman; Working as a Stockbroker in Chicago, one of the major sponsors of the annual IRT stop there.
  • Egan Inoue: Working in Pharmaceutical Sales, runs an Ultimate Fighting school with his brother (who is a ranked Ultimate Fighting competitor)
  • Bret Harnett: Living In Las Vegas, working in Construction
  • Dave Johnson:

    1990s era

  • Mike Ray: Lives in South Carolina, still plays casual racquetball, ?? occupation
  • Andy Roberts: Living in memphis, working as an executive with FedEx and as a representative of Ektelon
  • Drew Kachtik:
  • Tim Doyle:
  • Tim Sweeney: Living in Chicago, works for a Recycling company, playing a lot of squash
  • Kelly Gelhaus:
  • Dan Fowler:
  • Adam Karp:
  • Jeff Conine: playing left field for the Florida Marlins :-)
  • Woody Clouse: lives in Denver, still plays Amateur Events
  • Dan Obremski: Living in Pittsburgh, running a day Spa
  • Mike Ceresia: active in Canadian Racquetball, still playing amateur events
  • Tony Jelso:
  • Aaron Katz:

    2000s era

  • Sudsy Monchik; retired in 2004 due to a back injury, took a job representing Head. Attempted a pro tour comeback in the 2006-7 season. Worked with Dunlop Sports in the 2013 timeframe. Was named the coach of the Ecuador Racquetball team in 2015 and re-located to Ecuador. Married LPRT pro Veronica Sotomayor in 2017. Launched his coaching career with World Champs Racquetball, collaborating with fellow legend Cliff Swain. http://www.worldchampsrballtraining.com/
  • Cliff Swain: retired from full-time touring after the 2005-6 season, but continues to play a handful of events to this day. Now a full time coach/instructor, travelling to clients around the country via https://www.cliffswain.com/. Also collaborating with Sudsy on a joint venture.
  • Mike Guidry: retired from full-time playing in January 2006; joined Converse's sports apparell department in Sales. Also stayed involved in teh sport, serving as a coach for the US Team from 2009-2011. Now working as a regional manager for Lacoste and serving as a Financial Advisor in the Dallas, TX Area.
  • Derek Robinson: Retired from playing full-time in April 2005 and began working full time for his sponsor Wilson. Was a Key national account manager for Wilson for more than a decade. Recently began a new career as a VP and Mortgage consultant for a bank in the Richland, WA area.
  • Josh Tucker:
  • Mike Green:
  • John Ellis: Retired from touring full time in January 2008 due to shoulder issues. Currently the Director of Racquetball of the In-Shape chain of Health clubs in the Stockton area. Runs a large, popular program known for its excellent development of youth players.

    2010s era

  • Jack Huczek: Stopped touring after the 2010-11 season (reportedly in a dispute with tour mgt); now a senior Telecom Sales account manager, currently at CenturyLink. Married top LPRT touring player Christie (Van Hees) Huczek and settled in the Dallas, TX area. Recently relocated to Bozeman, MT.
  • Jason Mannino: retired after 2009-10 season to take over as IRT tour commissioner. Sold the tour to Jason Scott in Summer 2017, now embarking on a Real Estate Career. Also maintains ownership in the Victory MMA Fitness center in Southern California
  • Ruben Gonzalez: Embarked on a farewell tour in 2011-12 season (the season where he turned 60!), finishing 16th. Played in his final event in the 2012 US Open. He's now retired, has relocated to Hilton Head, SC and actively plays Pickleball. He also continue to sell racquetball-themed art via his website http://www.rubenracquetball.com/.
  • Jose Rojas: Retired at end of 2016-17 season; took a job as a Manager at Larue Communications, the company of rball enthusiast Knox Larue
  • Marco Rojas: Retired at end of 2016-17 season; completed degree in education, working as a Social Studies teacher in the Stockton Unified School District
  • Ben Croft: retired from full-time touring Oct 2015 after attempting to rehab a serious shoulder injury. Now manages the Racquetball Warehouse, featuring himself in the online commercials and plays an occasional singles event. Continues to be part of the #1 IRT doubles team with Kane.
  • Tony Carson: stopped touring full time in the 2014-15 season. Now an Advertising Manager for ROIrunner in Colorado.
  • Chris Crowther: retired from touring after the 2015-16 tournament with sponsorship loss. Continues on working as Director of Sales for E-Force racquetball.
  • Shane Vanderson: retired May 2013, now a full time realtor for Sotheby's in the Tampa, FL area. https://bustinvandersongroup.com/
  • Javier Moreno: stopped touring full-time after the 2012-13 season: ?? current occupation
  • Andy Hawthorne: retired from touring full-time mid 2013-14 season; now a realtor in the Cleveland area.
  • Anthony Herrera: stopped touring full-time in 2013-14 season. ?? current occupation
  • Mitch Williams: badly injured his left shoulder in 2010 and never able to recover. Stopped touring full-time Jan 2011, last played Nov 2012. Now a Telecom National Account manager for Ericsson, living in NYC.
  • Jason Thoerner: after retiring, worked as National Advisor for Head/Penn, then was elected to the USA Racquetball board of directors. He rose to be the President in 2016, then was named Executive Director later in 2016. https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Racquetball/Leadership/Staff