The Best Women's Racquetball Players Never to finish #1:

This is a list of players who usually demonstrated the ability to compete with the top players of their day, but who never decided to tour full time (or who only toured for limited amounts of time).

Best Players who never finished #1:

Current Era: 2010 to now

  • Maria Jose Vargas: burst onto the Racquetball scene in 2012 and then had three straight top-3 finishes with a couple of tournament victories .. but was 0-20 against Longoria and "retired" at the age of just 23.
  • Frederique Lambert: has bashed her way to the #2 ranking in 2016 but has just one career win over the dominant Longoria. She has a long road ahead of her to figure out how to consistently beat Longoria to take the year end title from her.
  • Samantha Salas Solis: Long-time top 10 player on tour.
  • Susana "Susy" Acosta: has hung around the top 10 for nearly 20 years on tour, peaking at #4 in 2012-13 later in her career but holding a top 4 ranking going back all the way to the 2000 season.


  • Kerri (Stoffregen) Wachtel: ten seasons in the top 3 on tour, multiple career wins including a US Open title. Never finished #1.
  • Kersten Hallender: Six years of hovering in the #4 to #6 range on tour, never being able to overcome the likes of Paraiso, Gudinas, Van Hees and the rise of Rajsich (though she had a good head-to-head record against Rhonda).


  • Marci Drexler: her career ran from the late 80s through the late 90s and she could never break through the best players of her age. She finished in the top four on tour seven different times and won 5 tourneys; never finished #1. Her main competition: Michelle Gould. Probably the best women's player ever not to have a year end title.
  • Malia Bailey: one of the country's most accomplished amateur players played on tour in the early 1990s and had some success, with tour wins and a #2 finish in 1991-92 ... but then the Gould era began and there was little anyone could do with her.
  • Robin Levine: the hard-hitting lefty finished #2 on tour in 94-95; made multiple finals but never won a tournament.
  • Laura Fenton: another player who never won a tour event but who finished in the top 10 seven times across a ten year span. Fenton didn't even begin playing the pro tour until her 30s and competed into her 40s.

    1970s and 1980s:

  • Janell Marriott: may hold the title of "best player never to win a tournament."
  • Vicki Panzeri: peaked at #2 once McKay left the tour but could never overcome the dominant era of Lynn Adams.
  • Linda Prefontaine: sister of the famous US olympic runner, Prefontaine was an excellent player in the late 70s.
  • Peggy Steding: she was the Steve Serot of the women's pro tour; she was the first dominant player when they started playing seriously for money. She's by no means 'unknown' though; she was inducted into the Hall of Fame years ago.