History of major Tour Rule Changes; mostly scoring related

Some of the dates for these changes are estimates; any exact dates would help

  • 2010 timeframe: when did LPRT go to two serves?
  • Sept 2002: Abandoned rally scoring for 2002-03 season, back to "normal" best of five to 11, win by two conventional pro scoring. One serve.
  • Aug 2001: Scoring change again: best of five games format, with games played to 15, and scoring on every rally. but no more ping pong
  • Aug 2000: Back to Rally scoring and games to 21, win by 2. "Ping Pong" style serving where each player would serve five times in a row.
  • 1995?: Same best of five to 11, but win by two instead of win by one. Example Score: 5,10,(5),11
  • 1986: Best of five, to 11, win by one. More or less Consistent with the Men's scoring by this point. Example score: 4,(7),7,8
  • 1985: Best of five, to 21; rally-scoring. Example score: 13, 17, (14), 18
  • 1983: Scoring changed again: Best of five, to 21, with 2-point lead; set scoring. Example score: 16 (21) 9, 12
  • 1982: Slight change to scoring to have the tiebreaker be win by two instead of win by one.
  • 1981: Midway through the season, the scoring was changed again: Scored in two sets of best of five games to 11, single game tiebreaker to 15 win by one; with rally scoring. Example Score: 2-3, 3-2, 15-11.
  • 1980: After the first two events of the season, scoring change: Scored in two sets of best of five games to 11, tiebreaker best of three; with rally scoring. Example score: 3-1, 2-3, 2-1.
  • Mid 70s: 3rd game not to 21 but to 15 or 11?
  • 1975: some qualifying rounds were one game to 31. See Aurora 76.
  • 1974: Original Women's Pro tour Scoring was standard NRC scoring: best 2/3 games to 21, tiebreaker also win by 1. All games win by one. Example score: 18,(15),9