US Open 2019, Photographer: Kevin Savory

IRT 12th Annual Holiday Pro-Am

Tournament Winner: Swain, Cliff

Full Results • 12/9/2001 • Lakewood, CO • (results source: IRT Web Page)

IRT 2001-2

Round Winner Country Winner Loser Country Loser Score
32 USA Vogel, Louis Canada Green, Mike 8,6,(6),7
32 Canada Istace, Brian Canada Odegard, Kris 8,9,0
32 USA Gonzalez, Ruben USA Pointelin, Brian 6,(7),(8),5,0
32 USA Huczek, Jack USA Dennison, Mike 2,11,(4),4
32 USA Thomas, Greg USA Valentine, Dale 8,6,(1),6
32 USA Crowther, Chris Argentina Manzuri, Shai (7),7,6,1
32 USA Llacera, Dan USA Clouse, Woody (3),2,5,(8),7
32 Canada Waselenchuk, Kane USA Lockhart, James 1,7,3
16 USA Doyle, Tim Canada Istace, Brian 12,6,0
16 USA Swain, Cliff USA Thomas, Greg 3,9,1
16 USA Crowther, Chris USA Ellis, John 9,1,7
16 Canada Waselenchuk, Kane USA Carson, Rocky 6,5,2
16 USA Huczek, Jack USA Guidry, Mike 10,(10),2,9
16 USA Mannino, Jason USA Llacera, Dan 8,6,7
16 Mexico Beltran, Alvaro USA Gonzalez, Ruben (9),8,3,5
16 USA Robinson, Derek USA Vogel, Louis 4,7,4
Q USA Huczek, Jack Mexico Beltran, Alvaro 12,4,7
Q USA Doyle, Tim USA Crowther, Chris 5,1,5
Q USA Swain, Cliff Canada Waselenchuk, Kane 5,4,0
Q USA Mannino, Jason USA Robinson, Derek 3,10,3
S USA Swain, Cliff USA Huczek, Jack 8,1,8
S USA Mannino, Jason USA Doyle, Tim (8),9,9,9
F USA Swain, Cliff USA Mannino, Jason (3),7,8,6

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