US Open 2019, Photographer: Kevin Savory

IRT 5th Campbells Healthy Request Pro-Am

Tournament Winner: Swain, Cliff

Full Results • 11/14/1993 • Riverside, CA • (results source: Racquetball Magazine Jan/Feb 94 v5n1)

IRT 1993-4

Round Winner Country Winner Loser Country Loser Score
32 USA Karp, Adam Canada Ceresia, Mike ?,?,?,?,4
32 USA Lerner, Steve (CA) USA Bronfeld, Michael
16 USA Kachtik, Drew USA Karp, Adam ?,?,16
16 USA Ray, Mike USA Lerner, Steve (CA)
16 USA Newman, Jack USA Clouse, Woody
16 USA Harnett, Bret USA Guidry, Mike
Q USA Kachtik, Drew USA Doyle, Tim
Q USA Gonzalez, Ruben USA Ray, Mike
Q USA Roberts, Andy USA Newman, Jack
Q USA Swain, Cliff USA Harnett, Bret
S USA Roberts, Andy USA Gonzalez, Ruben
S USA Swain, Cliff USA Kachtik, Drew
F USA Swain, Cliff USA Roberts, Andy 4,7,(3),3

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