Quarters/Semis/Finals for season 1994-5

Data on screen printed 09/27/2023. Latest tourney in DB is as of 09/23/2023.

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Season Date City Event Final Semis Quarters
1994-5 8/8/1994 New Orleans, LA 1994 Elmwood Summer Cooler Pro-Am Swain d Doyle 1,(4),4,5Guidry, R.GonzalezKatz, Ray, Kachtik, Fowler
1994-5 9/5/1994 Stockton, CA 12th Coors Light Pro-Am Swain d Monchik 3,(6),7,5Kachtik, KatzEllis, Guidry, Roberts, Doyle
1994-5 9/10/1994 Arlington, VA Crystal City Pro-Am Doyle d Swain (9),10,6,7Roberts, KachtikEllis, Guidry, Katz, Ray
1994-5 10/2/1994 Riverside, CA 6th Campbells Healthy Request Doyle d Roberts 8,1,(8),(2),8Clouse, R.GonzalezSwain, Guidry, Kachtik, Ray
1994-5 10/23/1994 Montreal, CAN VCI Challenger Cup #1 Swain d Doyle 7,(8),4,(9),6Kachtik, RobertsEllis, Guidry, R.Gonzalez, Katz
1994-5 11/6/1994 Baltimore, MD VCI Challenger Cup #2 Swain d Roberts 3,6,9Kachtik, DoyleEllis, Guidry, Katz, Ray
1994-5 12/4/1994 Denver, CO Coca-Cola Pro-Am 94 Swain d Guidry 8,4,5Doyle, KachtikClouse, Fowler, R.Gonzalez, Roberts
1994-5 12/11/1994 Dallas, TX VCI Challenger Cup #3 Swain d Kachtik 5,6,4Doyle, GuidryNewman, Ray, Obremski, Roberts
1994-5 1/22/1995 Memphis, TN 1995 Hampton Inn Pro Classic Roberts d Ray 1,1,8Guidry, DoyleSwain, Katz, Rankin, Kachtik
1994-5 2/5/1995 Atlanta, GA VCI Challenger Cup #4 Swain d Monchik 3,5,6Ray, RobertsKatz, Karp, Gelhaus, Clouse
1994-5 2/19/1995 Pittsburgh, PA 1995 Shop n Save Pro-Am Roberts d Guidry 8,4,9Swain, DoyleKachtik, R.Gonzalez, Katz, Ray
1994-5 4/2/1995 Phoenix, AZ Samba Pro-Am Monchik d Swain 2,(5),9,(10),10Guidry, KachtikKatz, Fowler, Karp, Roberts
1994-5 4/23/1995 Saskatoon, SK, CAN Cameco Classic 95 Swain d Roberts 3,8,4Ray, GreenfeldKachtik, Guidry, Rankin, Monchik
1994-5 4/30/1995 Las Vegas, NV 1995 US Open Monchik d Doyle (9),6,4,3Guidry, RobertsSwain, Kachtik, Ray, Katz
1994-5 5/14/1995 Columbus, OH VCI #6/VCI World Champs. Roberts d Swain 6,11,4Katz, DoyleRay, Guidry, Monchik, Ellis
1994-5 6/11/1995 Portland, OR 1995 Tournament of Champions Swain d Roberts 6,(2),10,10Kachtik, RayMonchik, Guidry, Gelhaus, Katz

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