Quarters/Semis/Finals for season 1997-8

Data on screen printed 06/16/2024. Latest tourney in DB is as of 05/26/2024.

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Season Date City Event Final Semis Quarters
1997-8 8/10/1997 New Orleans, LA 1997 Elmwood Summer Cooler Pro-Am Monchik d Swain 7,4,5Ellis, RobertsGuidry, Mannino, Fowler, Jelso
1997-8 9/1/1997 Stockton, CA 15th Coors Light Pro-Am Swain d Monchik 10,5,2Jelso, ManninoClouse, Ray, Green, Ellis
1997-8 9/28/1997 Riverside, CA Ralphs Grocery Pro-Am Swain d Monchik 6,8,(12),(6),6Ellis, VogelMulcock, Clouse, Bronfeld, Guidry
1997-8 11/2/1997 Chicago, IL 12th Halloween Pro-Am Swain d Monchik (10),(8),8,6,10Roberts, EllisGuidry, Ray, Fowler, Istace
1997-8 11/16/1997 Memphis, TN Promus Hotel 2nd US Open Swain d Monchik 6,2,3Roberts, EllisMannino, Karp, Clouse, Muller
1997-8 11/23/1997 Boston, MA Foxwoods Pro-Am 97 Swain d Ray (5),4,4,4Fowler, MonchikGuidry, Ellis, Roberts, Mannino
1997-8 12/14/1997 Lakewood, CO APH Service Pro-Am 97 Swain d Monchik 2,6,(10),(10),8Mannino, EllisGelhaus, Roberts, Jelso, Karp
1997-8 1/18/1998 Denver, CO Ralph Schomp Automotive Pro-Am Ellis d Monchik (1),8,7,10Roberts, SwainGuidry, Karp, Fowler, Ray
1997-8 1/25/1998 Columbus, OH IRT Columbus Pro-Am Ellis d Robinson (7),10,3,4Swain, GuidryKarp, Mannino, Roberts, Fowler
1997-8 2/1/1998 Lincoln, NE Laundry Land Pro-Am Swain d Ellis 2,(2),(6),7,8Roberts, ManninoGuidry, Vogel, Gelhaus, Bronfeld
1997-8 2/22/1998 Green Brook, NJ Foxwoods Pro-Am NJ Swain d Monchik 2,(11),8,8Roberts, EllisFowler, Ray, Mannino, Guidry
1997-8 3/1/1998 Rochester, NY 1998 Piehler Motors Pro-Am Roberts d Ellis 8,2,6Mannino, RaySwain, Vogel, Fowler, Monchik
1997-8 3/29/1998 Santa Barbara, CA March Madness Pro-Am Swain d Monchik (7),5-7 ret injRobinson, ManninoGelhaus, Karp, Guidry, Fowler
1997-8 4/26/1998 Las Vegas, NV 1998 Foxwoods Pro Nationals Swain d Roberts (2),6,3,2Doyle, EllisJelso, Robinson, Vogel, Gelhaus
1997-8 5/9/1998 Phoenix, AZ US West Pro-Am Monchik d Doyle (9),0,2,4Ellis, FowlerMannino, Vogel, Guidry, Mulcock
1997-8 6/7/1998 Portland, OR 1998 Spalding Tournament of Champions Monchik d Roberts 9,10,1Fowler, EllisKarp, Mannino, Ray, Gelhaus

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