Quarters/Semis/Finals for season 2006-7

Data on screen printed 07/04/2020. Latest tourney in DB is as of 03/15/2020.

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Season Date City Event Final Semis Quarters
2006-7 9/17/2006 Kansas City, MO Kansas City Open Huczek d Beltran 9,9,(6),5R.Carson, SwainWilliams, Mannino, Vanderson, Crowther
2006-7 10/8/2006 Bowling Green, KY Kentucky Pro Am Huczek d Mannino 0,(8),5,4R.Carson, MonchikVanderson, Thoerner, Williams, Swain
2006-7 10/15/2006 Toronto, AB, CAN Canadian Racquetball Classic 2006 Huczek d Mannino 3,5,5R.Carson, VandersonCrowther, Williams, Tristan, Swain
2006-7 10/29/2006 Albuquerque, NM New Mexico Pro Am Huczek d R.Carson 6,(10),6,10Mannino, BeltranCrowther, Swain, Vanderson, Hawthorne
2006-7 11/19/2006 Memphis, TN Choice Hotels 11th US Open Mannino d R.Carson 9,8,5Huczek, VandersonWilliams, Swain, Beltran, Hawthorne
2006-7 1/14/2007 Fountain Valley, CA 2007 One Shot Orange County Open Huczek d Mannino (3),4,8,7Thoerner, R.CarsonVanderson, Beltran, Williams, Crowther
2006-7 1/21/2007 Long Island, NY New York City Pro Am Mannino d Beltran 8,14,(8),(3),8Huczek, R.CarsonThoerner, Williams, Crowther, Vanderson
2006-7 2/18/2007 Seattle, WA 2007 Seattle Open R.Carson d Huczek 3,6,(4),(12),3Beltran, ManninoCrowther, Vanderson, Thoerner, Croft
2006-7 2/25/2007 Tijuana, BC, MEX 2007 Mexico Open Huczek d R.Carson 5,7,9Beltran, CroftWilliams, Crowther, Vanderson, Mannino
2006-7 3/11/2007 Colorado Springs, CO 2007 Lynmar Classic Mannino d Beltran (1),(6),5,5,5Huczek, R.CarsonCroft, Thoerner, Williams, Crowther
2006-7 3/25/2007 Boston, MA 2007 Red Swain Memorial Huczek d R.Carson 6,7,3Beltran, ManninoCrowther, Vanderson, Williams, Croft
2006-7 4/15/2007 Allentown, PA Dennis Rosenberg Pro-Am Huczek d R.Carson 7,0,(3),7Vanderson, BeltranMannino, Hawthorne, Crowther, Thoerner
2006-7 4/29/2007 Chicago, IL Motorola IRT Pro Nationals Huczek d Mannino (6),4,9,8Vanderson, R.CarsonCroft, Beltran, Williams, Moreno

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