Quarters/Semis/Finals for season 2014-15

Data on screen printed 01/19/2022. Latest tourney in DB is as of 11/21/2021.

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Season Date City Event Final Semis Quarters
2014-15 9/21/2014 San Marcos, TX 2014 Krowning Moment Bobcat Open Waselenchuk d R.Carson 8,(7),3,2J.Rojas, LandaT.Carson, D.De La Rosa, Crowther, M.Rojas
2014-15 9/28/2014 Overland Park, KS 15th Annual Ghost of Georgetown Waselenchuk d R.Carson 5,2,2Croft, BeltranCrowther, J.Rojas, Pratt, M.Rojas
2014-15 10/12/2014 Minneapolis, MN United Healthcare 19th US Open Waselenchuk d Beltran 6,1,6Landa, R.CarsonT.Carson, D.De La Rosa, Crowther, Croft
2014-15 10/18/2014 St. Louis, MO 2014 Pete Pierces Party with the Pros R.Carson d Beltran 8,9,(8),6D.De La Rosa, J.RojasT.Carson, Allen, Crowther, Croft
2014-15 11/9/2014 Davison, MI 2014 Red Swain Shootout R.Carson d Beltran 10,3,(4),2D.De La Rosa, J.RojasM.Rojas, Swain, Croft, T.Carson
2014-15 11/16/2014 Garden City, KS 24th Annual Turkey Shootout R.Carson d Croft 7,(9),4,9T.Carson, AllenWaselenchuk, M.Rojas, J.Rojas, Diaz
2014-15 12/14/2014 Warren, NJ 2014 New Jersey Open D.De La Rosa d Beltran 4,6,(9),10R.Carson, PrattLanda, Allen, J.Rojas, Croft
2014-15 1/18/2015 Syosset, NY 2015 Temperature Controls NYC Pro-Am Waselenchuk d R.Carson 4,7,6D.De La Rosa, CroftM.Rojas, J.Rojas, Beltran, Allen
2014-15 1/25/2015 Sioux Falls, SD 2015 Lewis 37th Annual Pro-Am Waselenchuk d R.Carson 5,5,1J.Rojas, CroftM.Rojas, D.De La Rosa, Beltran, Landa
2014-15 2/28/2015 Sarasota, FL 2015 IRT Florida Pro-Am Waselenchuk d R.Carson 8,8,12D.De La Rosa, BeltranPratt, Allen, Croft, J.Rojas
2014-15 3/15/2015 Lombard, IL 2015 IRT Shamrock Shootout Waselenchuk d R.Carson 8,5,3J.Rojas, BeltranCroft, D.De La Rosa, Allen, M.Rojas
2014-15 5/3/2015 Edinburg, TX 2015 Krowning Moment Pro Invitational Internacional Waselenchuk d R.Carson 4,-1,3D.De La Rosa, BeltranPratt, J.Rojas, Allen, M.Rojas
2014-15 5/16/2015 Portland, OR 2015 ProKennex Tournament of Champions Waselenchuk d D.De La Rosa 4,1,2R.Carson, BeltranT.Carson, C.Iwaasa, Allen, M.Rojas
2014-15 5/31/2015 Fresno, CA 2015 Fresno Summer Kickoff Waselenchuk d R.Carson 6,6,3M.Rojas, BeltranAllen, D.De La Rosa, Pratt, J.Rojas

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