Racquetball Magazine May/June 1998 cover

LPRT 1996 Rad Athletics WIRT Tournament of Champions

Tournament Winner: Gould (Gilman), Michelle

Full Results • 6/8/1996 • Portland, OR • (results source: http://web.archive.org/web/19970130232645/http://www.irt-tour.com/wstop9.html)

LPRT 1995-96

Round Winner Country Winner Loser Country Loser Score
S USA #2 Gudinas, Cheryl Canada #3 Huczek (Van Hees), Christie 9,(8),5,4
S USA #1 Gould (Gilman), Michelle USA #4 Brown (Brockbank), Tammy 0,1,3
F USA #1 Gould (Gilman), Michelle USA #2 Gudinas, Cheryl 1,8,3

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